XFPS Rateup mouse/keyboard adapter for PS3

Good Morning,

I am a PC gamer and have always played games on the PC. I recently bought my son a PS3 slim. The new model that just came out last week.

Well basically... he kicks my ass in every FPS game we play.

I have done some research and found a keyboard / mouse adapter for the PS3 called XFPS Rateup.

Has anyone used one of these and will it work with the new PS3 slim?

Its a little expensive at around $100 but if it will allow me to play FPS shooters without using that damned controller then it would be worth it for me.
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  1. Hey,

    I hear you on the controller for FPS's not a good mix.

    I have one of those adaptors you're talking about, yes it does work but thats only if you find a mouse thats compatible with it [the Logitech RX1000 is the mouse i'm using]. Even with a compatible mouse you will not get the exact same sort of use out of the mouse as you would on pc, but don't get me wrong it's still very good. You can't map any additional buttons other than left and right click [as far as i know anyway and believe me i've tried with a load of mice], almost all keyboards work with it.

    Yes the price tage leaves something to be desired but if you take the plunge i don't think you'll be disappointed, i mean i wasn't. Setting up is pretty easy once u know how, plenty of tutorials on you tube to follow, i say this cus the instructions included aren't very detailed or clear.

    Hope this helps, happy gaming.


    p.s. u think $100 is bad its about £100 here in the UK, lucky for me i had a mate who went on holiday and brought me one back :P
  2. forgot to say i own an 80gb ps3, i dunno about any compatability issues with the new model...
  3. You should better go for an FRAGFX V2 or FRAGFX PRO (wireless) They are better than the XFPS and cheaper!
    It works with every game and of course you can set the mouse sensitivity.

    I have FRAGFX PRO and it works perfect with my PS3 SLIM 250GB

    I bought it $65 (the fragfx v2 costs $50) :)

    FRAGFX PRO on Call of Duty WaW:
  4. The XFPS Rateup does NOT work with ps3 SLIM. ONLY the XFPS 4.0 works with SLIM
  5. Hey, where do you buy that for cheap like that? I am trying ebay and they are selling it for about 100$ too. Please kindly advise, thanks.
  6. eBay is always so expensive. ;) Anyway I bought mine FRAGFX pro from a local store ($65).

    It costs a bit more online... i dont know why :??: You can get the FRAGFX V.2 here for $67.

    FRAGFX V.2 is the newest and the most improved version of FRAGFX (but its not wireless)

    OR you can get the FRAGFX PRO here for $86.
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