Selling Core 2 Duo E6750, DDR2 800MHz RAM, LGA 775 Mobo

Just upgraded two systems and I'm selling off some old parts. I can arrange for either shipping or pickup in NYC. Send a message if interested in any.

- Kingston DDR2 RAM, 800MHz, 1GB, model number KVR800D2N5/1G: $10 per stick. Have 6. Original packaging and documentation.

Edit: Mobos and processors are gone, gone, gone. Get this memory while it's still, uh, old.
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  1. I'll buy the processor and motherboard for 65 shipped.
  2. I'll consider it, but with the shipping cost I'd basically be giving away the motherboard. Would be more tempting if you met me halfway, $75 and I'll pay shipping.
  3. You never responded to my PM. Are the P5B's the vanilla, Deluxe or Premium?
  4. Sorry about that, responded to you yesterday. They are vanilla P5Bs.
  5. Do you still have one of those ASUS P5B LGA 775's available?
  6. Updated original post with remaining stock.
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