Which Mobo ? Asus P4P 800 or P4C800

Im building my new PC , and buying parts one at a time

Just purchased the AsusP4P 800 deluxe

Done some reading and found that the P4C has a diff chipset ( 875)

Should I have bought the P4C ?

Will the chipset make a huge difference in performance ?

P4P has 865 Chipset
P4C has 875 Chipset

My new rig will be strictly a gaming machine

(I have a p4 . 1.6 currently )

Any recommendations on Ram for this Mobo , perhaps dual ddr 400 Corsair ?


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  1. the 2 chipsets offer very similar performance. Read <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/motherboard/20030603/index.html" target="_new"><b>This</b></A> and know for thyself.

    I wud say u have made a good decision by getting the P4P800. The money u have saved on this mobo wud let u buy more/better RAM or a good graphics card :smile:

    me says: If it was not for <b><font color=red>C</font color=red></b>, we wud be using <font color=blue><b>BASI, PASAL & OBOL</font color=blue></b>
    <b>slvr_phoenix</b> says: But I'd still be using Python. :-p
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