Oblivion mods "help!" D:

plese ppl if yyyyyyou kno how ta make mods for elder scrolls 4 work msg me at Saint_jimmy72@ymail.com its realy bugin me! thx ppl :D
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  1. There's a nice mod program called Oblivion mod manager or OBMM, and are you downloading mods that aren't in the OBMM archive or are they uncompressed files and folders with the .esp viewable ? also a good place to get even more help on getting mods to work is TESNexus.com its where I get most if not all my current mods etc. :D the sole reason btw why I use OBMM is that lets say my game starts to crash an I just installed a new mod, with obmm all I have to do is deactivate that new mod an obmm deletes the uncompressed files that were used to activate the mod but keeps the original OMOD file (The Mod) in its mods folder incase you want to use the mod again.
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