Crysis - FPS - This about right?

1440x900 res. all settings on "High" no AA just AF

Getting anywhere from 48 - 72 FPS while playing. Obviously if I go to the beach and look out into the ocean it goes over 100fps. But on avg running about playing single player Id say I'm holding 60 - 65 on avg.


E8400 @ 3.0Ghz
2gig DDR2 800Mhz system memory ( 1333Mhz FSB )
BFG GTX285 OC 1Gb mem ( 666Mhz core )
Windows XP SP3

Lemme know, thanks ;)

EDIT: Just ran the benchmark from the game

61 FPS with CPU Bench
64 FPS with GPU Bench

with the above settings.
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  1. seem good, but why not run on very high? your card should handle it pretty well, unless you're unable to play at 30fps
  2. Not sure maybe cause Im using Dx9 ? I dont have option to set anything to Very High. Just put AAx2 and AF on and ran the same runs.

    CPU = 55 FPS
    GPU = 60 FPS

    Not too bad of a drop to have AAx2 on. Think I might play like this for a while :)
  3. Your using Windows XP, so the Very High settings are unavaliable to you as the "use" DirectX 10, which windows XP does not support.

    If you read through Tweakguides guide to Crysis, this will show you how to enable most of the Very High features in Crysis while in DirectX9 mode. You can see from his screenshots that this results in an extremely close comparisons.
  4. I play Crysis in very high setting (sometimes) an I'm using win xp pro and to get Very High settings was extremely easy to do. :D

    Heres how I did it if you wanted to give this a try (Backup these 2 files in a new folder)

    in the new folder create a new sub folder an switch the names on the 2 .DLLs and keep a pair of the old .DLLs incase you need them later. Another thing you may need to do is setup your shortcut by adding -DX10 in the target field.

    Example: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -DX10 -DEVMODE

    you can also use -DEVMODE as it is above if you want to use different commands while playing the game and it lets you go into 3rd person which is fun sometimes. :D
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