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Hi all,
let me state in advance that I don't have experience with radio
networks, though I have a good experience with cable networks.

I have to set up a wifi link between two buildings in a rural area, in
order to share the broadband internet connetion, avaiable only in one of
the building, they are distant about 300-400 meters.

The roofs of the two buildings cannot "see" each other, but only because
there are a couple of tree (oak) lines between the two buildings (*A*
and *B*), like in the following schema:


Do I have any chance to make a stable wifi link using an access point on
the top of each building, if necessary with additional antennas?

If possible, I would like to use access points that can pick up the
electric power from the ethernet cable.

Do you recommend any good model?

If necessary, I would like to use directional antennas, in order to have
a better radio link and greater security against "sniffing".

Of course I am not able to buid them by myself, so I would like to buy them.

Which type of antennas should I buy to meet my requirements?

Which wifi "standard" should I go for in order to have the fastest and
stablest connection with my setup?
54Mbit/s (G) or 108Mbit/s (SuperG)?

If necessary, I could buy a couple of poles to put the antennas some
meters over the roof of each building, in order to try to elevate the
radio link over the trees, but I am not sure how much I should go up to
bring the two antennas in direct sight w/o any obstacle.
Is it worth trying at all?
What's the maximum reasonable elevation, keeping a good stability for
the antennas and w/o spending a fortune?

What cable should I use to connect the access points to the antennas to
keep the signal loss to the bare minimum?

I would like to buy all the needed equipment online (I live in Europe,
but I can buy products from the U.S.A. too) and set it up with help of
one of my friends, he is a radio amateur.

Do you know any website or anything that could help me to realize such

Any help will be appreciated.
This is a great newsgroup!

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    "meATprivacyDOTnet" <me@privacy.net> wrote in message
    > Do you know any website or anything that could help me to realize such
    > project?

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    On 9/12/04 7:52 PM, Alan Spicer wrote:

    > www.google.com

    I already did some google searches and I learned a lot of stuff.

    I posted my questions to this newsgroup hoping to get some advice for my
    setup, since this is my first radio link ...

    I hope someone from the ng will give me a few hints ...

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