Buying Used Athlon II or Phenom II

I'm looking for a cheap Athlon II(preferably a dual-core, but anything would work), or a Phenon II(dual-core+ as well), I don't have much to spend since it's a budget build for my younger brother, so I thought I'd ask the forum just *in-case* someone had a cpu that they were looking to un-load.

Thank you,

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  1. Send me a message - I have a really good Athlon II X3 445 3,1 Ghz.
    Right now it is running 4,2 Ghz at only 1.35 v

    I also had it running 3,8 Ghz with the last core + L3 Cache unlocked. But I couldn't see the right temp, so I went back to the 3-core. Here I hasn't gone higher than 50 degress C - using water.

    I might change to bulldozer, so send me a message
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