Was wondering what all I would need to connect my PS3 to my monitor...

So after reading some other people's questions about theirs, I wasn't completely clear on what all I needed.
My computer is a Gateway LX-6810-01 and my monitor is a 22" Gateway LCD screen. The monitor itself says it has HDMI and DVI with HDCP inputs. The back ports consist of a standard VGA, DVI and an HDMI slot. The computer itself has the three standcard composite ports, red, white and yellow. The monitor does NOT have built in speakers so I was wondering what all would I need in order for me to play my PS3 on my monitor and what is the best way to have it done.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also, there is also another port in the back for. HDMI Audio Out. I don't know a huge amount about this, but I'm assuming because the monitor does not have built in speakers, I would have to buy another cable to connect that to my computer or could I plug the audio out from my speakers into the monitor, would that work?

EDIT 2: Maybe I'm just overthinking, but the RCA ports in my computer, what would they be for? I'm just not thinking straight... x_x
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  1. I swear the PS3 manual gives info about this, look before you ask.
  2. Kinda tried that. Found some things, but not really anything that I need. Would you care to take a look at the manual?
  3. Hehe too bad I don't have PS3, I know there's manual about this talk cuz my friend used it and told me. Also, try some googling.

    Can you give more details about your problem?

    Why not just try plugging in the things, and see which works. Lol that's pretty much what you do with stuff.
  4. Haha, darn. Well, this is more of a question, rather than a problem. I am deciding on if I want to do this, or just stick to my Standard tv. So if I know what all I need, will determine if I can get the necesary cables. But yeah, if I did have all the cables, I'd go with that lol.
  5. Hmm ok this sounds a little obvious to me. PS3 has HDMI... monitor has HDMI... so errmmm just a HDMI cable ?

    One thing to watch though is you monitor may have speakers in (dont no for sure) but you can bet they are pretty feeble so you need to use the supplied cable for your PS3 (red/white/yellow) and connect that to an amplifier
  6. Well, I said before, my monitor does NOT have speakers. That's where I think my problem would be at. HDMI from PS3 to HDMI in the monitor. There would be video, but the audio portion would just be there unused without built in speakers. I'm guessing I connect the HDMI cables to the monitor, and connect the composite cables to my computer itself which has speakers? I do not have an amp, but if need be, I guess I could try and get one.
  7. Ok, heres what I know:

    You would hook up using HDMI or composite to your moniter. The problem is, using this method, you won't get sound...

    The big question is how you're sound system is set up; If you do not have any form of digital reciever, you're options quickly become limited.

    Video is easy, just use HDMI to you're moniter. Sound is the problem. You could use the composite/component cables (RCA stereo), the Digitial Optical cable (2.0, 5.1 using Dolby/DTS), or use a reciever and use HDMI for both.
  8. Yeah, I figured I wouldn't get sound. So, what you're suggesting, I use an HDMI cable and a Digital Optical cable? Can I disable the sound portion of the HDMI cable and just use the digital optical cable to replace the sound?
  9. the supplied leads for connecting the PS3 to a non HDTV has three connectors on on end that divide the audio and videio signal.

    Use the red & white plugs on an amplifier or other device that has audio input, then on sound output options on the PS3 you can select audio via HDMI or other... not sure what if says for the other option but thats the one you need.

    That way audio will be down the old lead and video will go to the monitor via HDMI
  10. The problem is I don't know how you're sound system is set up. If you have a reciever capable of decoding Dolbly/DTS signals, the Digital Optical would be the best bet (5.1 via DD/DTS, 2.0 PCM otherwise). Or you could go HDMI to you're reciever, and seperate the audio/video outputs from there. Or, you could go through you're PC soundcard etc.

    As I don't know you're setup in regards to sound, its hard to make an exact recomendation...

    And yes, you can change the sound output via the sound menu from the PS3. I use HDMI for video and optical digital for sound, personally.
  11. Connect the HDMI to the monitor.
    Then either connect the monitors HDMI audio out to some speakers however that is done with your monitor.

    Or you could use the AV MULTI OUT for sound (the red/white plugs) into a product like this:

    to connect to your sound cards "Line In" this will put the Stereo Output to your speakers from the PS3.

    You may need to change settings in the PS3's menu, to set the Audio to the AV MULTI and the video to the HDMI.
  12. ^^ Most moniters don't have HDMI audio out, or even optical out (and those that do typically don't transmit DD/DTS properly). And theres no reason for an AV multi out whatsoever, as you can do HDMI for video and component for sound no problem.
  13. The guy says his monitor does have an Audio out.
    and the AV MULTI is where the composite/component/RF outputs come from on the PS3....
  14. Alright, let's see.
    My "sound system" consists of the two standard desktop speakers that came with my computer, nothing more, nothing less. Neither speakers have any other ports for audio cables. But yes, my monitor has HDMI Imput as well as HDMI Audio Out and Audio DC Output (whatever that may be). Today will possibly be my first day to have been able to go to a store, so as of now, I am looking to buy just an HDMI cable to connect my PS3 to my monitor. I suppose I will need to also buy the Optical Digital cable along with it. However, I want to test plugging in the HDMI cable from the PS3 into the monitor and plugging my speakers into the HDMI Audio out (since my common sense tells me that would be what it's used for?)

    Once again, I thank everyone for helping my out here. Greatly appreciated. ^^
  15. Ok, here's how I would set everything up; I'm giving three options (depending what hardware you're PC has):

    Either way: Use HDMI to output video to you're moniter

    1: Use the standard RCA cables to carry audio to you're PC's line in port (usually the blue port on the back, although you can usually hijack the mic port (pink) if needed...). You need a RCA -> 3.5mm cable to do this (though they are common enough)

    2: Use optical cable to connect to PC's optical digital in. That being said, most motherboards lack even an optical digital out, let alone input. Unless you have a soundcard, you probably don't have the requisite connection.

    3: On the outside chance you're mobo has a HDMI input, you could use the HDMI audio out from you're LCD. That being said, most mobos lack HDMI inputs...
  16. Well, thanks to everyone who tried helping me. But the solution was much easier than I anticipated.

    As I said earlier, my monitor has an HDMI port in the back. I went to BEst Buy and purchased one. My monitor also has an audio out port, so all I needed to do was connect the HDMI cable and plug in my speakers via audio out cable, and, voila!

    Thanks again everyone!
  17. do you need to have a audio switcher to switch the sound from ps3 gaming to pc gaming? or just unplug and plug to a different port?
  18. Nguyener said:
    Well, thanks to everyone who tried helping me. But the solution was much easier than I anticipated.

    As I said earlier, my monitor has an HDMI port in the back. I went to BEst Buy and purchased one. My monitor also has an audio out port, so all I needed to do was connect the HDMI cable and plug in my speakers via audio out cable, and, voila!

    Thanks again everyone!

    Nguyener, What kind cable did you need to get to connect to the HDMI audio out? I am trying to do the same thing with my Xbox 360. If I use the HDMI cable for my xbox I can't also use the xbox's analog out puts. So I can't get any sound right now at all. I have ordered something for my xbox that will allow me to use it's sound out, while using the HDMI port, but I was hoping I could do what you did in the mean time. Please tell me the exact cable I need to use the monitors "HDMI" audio out, to my speakers. I can find nothing that tells me how by searching Google.

    By the way, for those that don't know, it says "HDMI audio out", but it is not a HDMI port. I don't know what kind of port that is.
  19. Yeah, i have also have that problem lol.
    I have a HP 2311x 23" Monitor
    Desktop: i5 3570k 3.4ghz, Gigabyte Ud5h-WB Mobo,16gb RAM g.skill ( i know overload), 1tb seagate HDD, 64gb SSD OCZ, asus dvd drive and crappy G-10 speakers.
    I plugged in hdmi from monitor to ps3, no sound so what do i do?
    So hard... rca cables, but how? Also, how do ppl use their ps3 on their computer? I don't want to buy an extra hdmi adapter card or anything. I also want to record my gameplay.
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