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I just installed Mirrors Edge (and patched), and turned all the settings to Max, at 16x12. Initially I had Physics (PhysX) on....

The game ran fine until just after the body is found (2nd Level), and you have to get out fast, I ran down the corridor, and then things began to seriously chug along. There were a lot of people shooting at me, but this had happened before

I ended up turning Physics off, and dropping from 8x to 2x Anti-Aliasing, and started getting reasonable framerates again

Has anyone else had problems at this point. Is there really no ATI support for the PhysX stuff at this point?

I've heard about adding an nVidia card for the processor, but I don't have any free slots :(

Is there anyway to enhance the performance, mods to ini files or anything?
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  1. With ATI cards Physix have to run on CPU. Maybe CPU cannot handle it also I would expect 3.6 C2D to be be just fine.
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    I had the same issue on mirrors edge running a 4850. The part where the people are shooting and the glass is flying everywhere was a slide show when physics was turned on. I just turned it off and things ran more smoothly.
  3. +1 to turning off Physx. Worked like a charm with my 4870s.
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