New pc with horrible fps

i just finished building a new pc which i thought would be able to run a lot of high end games on max settings.

Intel Core I7 920 @ 2.67ghz
EVGA Intel X58 Mobo
2 EVGA gtx 260 core 216 sli
Antec Truepower Quattro 1000w
6gb OCZ gold DDR3
WinXP home

i tried out crysis on high settings only to find extremely low fps, and medium wasn't much better. i then tried out world of warcraft on ultra to get a whopping 4 fps. the game wasn't even playable until i put it on the lowest settings possible.

i'm using a samsung 23" 2343 BWX monitor with a max resolution of 2048 x 1152. i don't think this is the problem though, because i used the same monitor/resolution on my old rig and was able to run wow fine at medium, along with other games such as tf2 and css.

i'm really not sure where to start troubleshooting because i just finished building it earlier today, and i'm afraid the problem could be anything.
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  1. Does your system show your RAM is working? What's the output on your power supply? Did you check settings in the bios, might have integrated graphics that needs to be shut down?
  2. if its new make sure you flash the bios or first check your MHZ ....right click my computer then click properties and youll see the MHZ there, it should be 2.7 or whatever and if it says 1.2 or whatever you need to do a bios upgrade
    it happened to me but i fixed it in 5mins
  3. I'm not suprised that performance isn't that good, you have a 32 bit OS, and two GPUs that are I'm guessing 896MB each, that only leaves probably around 2GB of usable RAM, possibly slightly less.
  4. Get Win Vista/7 64 bit.
    Make sure the sli bridge is connected.
    Make sure sli is enabled.
    Make sure both VIdeo cards are gettin power direct from the PSU.

    Crysis can use sli, but I'm not sure about WoW.

    Try one card at a time, see if one might be bad.
  5. Well I know that 32 bit XP only utilizes a certain amount of RAM (3.5gb?), and the bios is showing the correct amount of ram. But when i run dxdiag, its only showing 2.5gb. If i remember correctly, my old computer recognized all 4gigs it had in dxdiag. Could the problem be some faulty RAM or confusion with the 32bit OS? I could not find any integrated graphics that needed to be shut down either. Also slapshot, where do i look to find the output of my power supply?

    I did check my MHZ and its showing 2.67 correctly.

    Devastator I can see your point, but even if I'm only getting use out of 2gb, shouldn't I still be able to run WoW decently? I mean it's not exactly a high end game. And I'm getting 5 fps everywhere in game, not only in the crowded cities.

    SLI bridge is connected and enabled, and both video cards are getting direct power. I plan on trying out both cards individually when I get the chance. Should I uninstall/reinstall drivers each time I swap out a card?

    I didn't think that a 32 bit OS would be such a big deal. On my old rig I had 32bit windows and could run games better than I am now, and I did nothing but upgrade. I just want to explore all the possibilities before I drop another $100 for vista.
  6. Should be on the side or bottom of the power supply. I'm not sure your motherboard even has integrated graphics but if it dose that could cause issues.
  7. You really do need to get an x64 OS, you simply wont be using half of your Computer until you do, with 6GiB of Main Memory your only using half of that, and then there is graphics memory aswell.
    WoW isnt a paticlaraly demanding game, but when your only giving it 2GiB of RAM to play with its not got alot of room, along with the overhead for SLi and the operating system itself.
    I wouldnt say this is the total cause of your problem, probably a combination of Drivers and the 32bit system. Check your Nvidia drivers are bang uptodate, and seriously consider the x64 option.

    You should still be able to download the Windows 7 RTM or RC from somewhere ;)
  8. 64 bit XP fixed my problem. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  9. blyte said:
    64 bit XP fixed my problem. Thanks everyone for the replies!

    64-bit XP? Dude, you might want to get your head read. Then again, if its stable and it works, and if it ain't broken, what's there to fix? Just make sure you grab a copy of Windows 7 next year, you'll see a massive improvement all-round and you'll actually be using your graphics cards properly with 7 and DX11.
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