DIRECT X 11 games list ....

Thought ill start a list of games coming out for x11 and the new ati cards (nvidia later)
and some general info on x11 and games.............

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat .........

DIRT 2...................



CRYSIS 2 : Not Confirmed, but the CryENGINE 3 supports DirectX 11

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield 1943


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  1. stalker looked very nice, guess that'llbe another gfx card then.
  2. That STALKER video looked awesome. And even if I knew that something was going to jump at the guy I still backed a little.The feeling of being alone is just colosal.
  3. hehe yea ,i like playing spooky games in the dark with 5.1 surround sounds
  4. As long as the spooky doesn't just rely on guys that jump you it's good(they tend to get repetitive I was playing Cold Fear(or something like that (you're on a boat and spooky monsters jump you) ) and a guy looked dead then he jumped and scared me. Then later I played Dead Space and a monster was on the floor and remembering what happened I shot the thing that was alive so it didn't scare me but if I had not expected that it would have).I like Silent Hill and the likes better.But I don't say no to the rest.
  5. Updated ...
  6. Wow, yo have a nice list here, I played crysis (1st released version) and it was already awesome.

    I hope Blizzard would also release starcraft II and Diablo 3 on DX 11. That would be great.
  7. If this keeps growing, maybe make it a sticky, as this seems to be a bone of contention for pc gaming
  8. Ah DX11 and Lotro. It took 'em long enough to get dx10 right lol. Then again it makes it even more beautiful than dx9 so colour me intrigued.
  9. justinheir said:

    I hope Blizzard would also release starcraft II and Diablo 3 on DX 11. That would be great.

    AMD and Blizzard signed partnership a year ago. As I understand, new Blizz games will be coded on Radeons and support latest tech (at that time it was DX10.1, but who knows - Diablo3 still a year from launch, probably will be DX11 too).
  10. I am pretty excited for the next BF.... but with a new dx11 engine....saweeeeeeet.

    Sir, I think that frostbite link is to the frostbite 1 engine, not #2.

    Edit: Here is an article with pics but balls aren't too fun to look at,693558/DirectX-11-Frostbite-2-engine-Battlefield-uses-Compute-Shader-for-Deferred-Shading/News/
  11. ok i put the link to the makers of the frostbite engine check out the videos some funny stuff in the making of some of the games
  12. DirectX 11 Feature: Tessellation
    DirectX 11: Tessellation in Stalker: CoP,
    Dirt 2,
    Alien vs. Predator,696171/DirectX-11-Tessellation-in-Stalker-CoP-Dirt-2-Unigine-and-Alien-vs-Predator/News/
    check out pics, the diff with off normal and on normal
  13. Sir....uh...its me again. BF BadCo2 and 1943 are still Frostbite 1

    From my link above:

    "There will be two versions of the Frostbite Engine: Version 1.x is used for Battlefield: Bad Company 1, Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It supports Xbox 360, PS3 and DirectX 10. DICE is working on the Frostbite 2 engine at the moment that will support DirectX 10.1 and DirectX 11 as well. DICE is very proud of the parallelized engine since 2-8 parallel threads are supported for using full capacity of a Core i7 e.g.."
  14. Some of the above will natively support dx11
    the Frostbite Engine was equipped with a switch inside the compiler that can be changed to DirectX 10 or DirectX 11
    So once the hardware and software is out it will be ready.
  15. So a patch can switch Bad Co2 and 1943 over to DX11?
  16. Harrisson said:
    AMD and Blizzard signed partnership a year ago. As I understand, new Blizz games will be coded on Radeons and support latest tech (at that time it was DX10.1, but who knows - Diablo3 still a year from launch, probably will be DX11 too).

    I didn't know this news... thanks for this update =) and hope for the best (woo hoo)
  17. I don't know how accurate that is.... I'm certainly hoping they implement lots of new DX10/11 features, but the word from Bashiok wasn't that encouraging, basically saying "we'll see what happens". Granted, D3 is >1 year away, and who knows when SC2 will actually release...

    A quick search brings up:

    "We're not currently using any specific DirectX 10 features in Diablo III. That could potentially change of course, but if it did we don't have any plans to then require DirectX 10 to play the game." January 7, 2009

    "We haven't announced any final support for DirectX versions/system requirements. I'll say that right now we're not using any DirectX10 features, but we potentially could. " Sept 22, 2009

    Though brand-new 5870 sure is praying for DX11 in SC2/D3 of course....
  18. @ msidphi

    Yeah man, that's the spirit! Of course ATI and NVIDIA would like future games be developed using the latest DX11 to flaunt their products to gamers allover the world.
    This is a good thing on both ends.
  19. Hi,just wondering if someone could give me some advice please.At the moment iam running two 4870`s in crossfire,some games run ok others not so good,for example Dirt 2 seems to run better with one card than two. The cards are directx 10.1,now it does not seem that 10.1 has been around all that long and we already have 11,is it worth ditching to two 4870`s and getting a single 5870,would i see much performance gain?Also is there any noticable difference between 10.1 and 11,and just one last question sorry,does Dirt 2 support 10.1 or just 9 and 11,sorry for all the questions,many thanks.
  20. @andy_93

    for me, if I were you I would sell those two 4870 cards and get a single 5870 or higher because I think there are not a lot games that supports two cards. And if you change into a DX11 with 5870 and play Dirt 2 you'll see big different in performance, quality, water processing, and it will be animated more realistic. I believe that Dirt 2 only support just 9 and 11, since I play it too before using GTX275 and it does not support and I can't seems to find setting for DX10 on Dirt 2..... so it automatically use DX9 and then I change into 5870 and well I feel very satisfied :D
    well of course I had re-install my Dirt 2 since when I change from Nvidia into ATI my Dirt 2 screen just went black :(

    basically this is just my own personal opinion, I hope it can answer your question.
    cheers mate.
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