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Alright, I'm trying to play fallout 3 on my Laptop, the one problem? My base score is to low, I need a score of at least 4.3, I have a score of 3.5.

Which is pain, since that means my game crashes everytime I try to play it, anyway I can incress my score so I can play the game without spending money perferibly.
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  1. Laptop Specs would help us help you
  2. Obviously 3.5 is from the onboarg vga, so no, your screwed theres nothing you can do, but get a better PC, preferably a desktop.
  3. How the hell can you tell its from onboard graphics? could be he has an Atom or a Pentiom 3, or hell, a floppy disk for a hard drive.

    WEI score means *** to be frank. Post full specs if you want real help. and make sure your game is fully patched and all your drivers and directX are up to date too.
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