Fallout 3 "Alt & Tab crash"

Hi all i can run fallout 3 on max settings no lag etc, it has the lates patch but when i alt and tab out of the game and try to get back it won't let me :fou: ... any ideas

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  1. Ya, don't alt+tab out of the game.
  2. Oblivion had the exact same problem, i'd have to recommend just refraining from alt+tabbing
  3. Bethesda's games don't like alt+tab. Those readme files that come with the game? They tell you stuff like this.
  4. To get around this, I used the Steam web browser when I need to look at the wiki.
  5. ok thanks guys for the help
  6. I found a solution (at least it works 100% for me) I want to share it for those who still play this now an again:

    - go to fallout.ini (in documents / my games)
    - change the following lines:

    iLocation Y=5
    iLocation X=5


    iLocation Y=1
    iLocation X=1

    I tried it because the screen position seemed off after tabbing out and it's been fine since.
  7. dontwnamakeanaccfordiz while I can't make you the 'best answer' this does work! thank you for your help. OP, if you read this, please recognise dontwnamakeanaccfordiz's awesomeness and grant him a best answer. Cheers! :)
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