Need components for 11yr old son's first gaming rig!


I am building my 11yr old son his first gaming rig for Christmas this year. I've already got a Q6600 CPU and just about everything else I need except for the video card and motherboard.

I'm looking to spend less than $50 on the motherboard. Would prefer a board with SLI/Crossfire support for possible future upgrade but any board that can handle a decent overclock on the Q6600 will do (gonna try and bring it to 3.6 GHz if possible).

As for the video card, my budget for that is $100 and I would like anything on this list from the "GeForce GTX 460' and up:

He wants to play some of the newer games with me so it needs to be a half-way decent setup but unfortunately, Santa is having a hard time keeping up with his bills this year so it also needs to be cheap.

Please let me know if you are able to sell me these components or if you know where I can get a good deal on them thanks.
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  1. You guys should use heatware.
  2. Thanks for the offer but I wound up finding a good deal on that stuff elsewhere. I hope that someone else sees your post and buys your stuff though! :)

    Never heard of heatware but I'll be sure to check it out for my next build/upgrade. ;)
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