Wierd video problem help!

I have been having a weird graphics problem with some of my games. It is hard to describe so I have put the pics below. It only happens with Empire: Total War and the demos for hawx and call of jurez. all on steam. other steam games like tf2 and half life 2 work. any help would be much appreciated. hardware is core i7 920 and ati 4870.

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  1. First thing I'd do would be to check the video drivers. Make sure they are correct and up to date for your OS, hardware, etc.

    Some more info on your system would also be helpful.
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    I'll second the first opinion but first i would ask you if your OCing your GPU. The graphics corruption you are seeing are caused by a limited number of problems. Although it dosent hurt to check and make sure you have the correct video drivers, the four main malfunctions are either the GPU is overclocked beyond its limits,or the GPU fan is clogged with dirt or not turning at all,or your GPU just wont dont render that/those games very well, (I have seen a 7950GX2 that would do the same thing in Quake4 at times) or the most feared... Precursor to the death of the GPU. Good luck
  3. I have the same thing happen from the second photo, except in Fallout 3. It's very rare, and it's the only game that has any sort of corruption. Odd. Plus, I, too, have a 4870. O.O
  4. I have not overclocked my GPU, and my GPU is quite new a matter of weeks.
  5. jediryan123 said:
    I have not overclocked my GPU, and my GPU is quite new a matter of weeks.
    The other thing that i noticed in
    is the artifacts appear to come from the upper lefthand side of your display. Are there any applications your using that overlay on to the game screen? Such as xfire or fraps etc?
  6. So what happened with your issues/problems? It seems you've chosen the best answer. Does it mean you already found a solution?
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