How will crysis run on my pc

hey everyone just before i buy the game wanna see what you all have to say bout my pc. Im pretty sure it should work fine.

heres my rig

cpu-amd phenom 2 x2 550 black edition 3.1ghz
ram- 4gb 1066mhz
graphic card- xfx 4850 1gb stock not overclocked

and yeah let me know what you think.

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  1. I =t will run well on med settings, you did not say what resolution you will be playing at though, this would make a difference to the performance though..

    in my opinion, crysis was a let down to me as much as far cry 2 was...COD series is better.
  2. running at 1440x900 res
  3. just wondering what kind of system does it take to run crysis on full ??
  4. I almost bought that processor with a Gygabyte mother board ( combo ) last night. How do you like it ? Looks like a real "sleeper'. Never hear anybody talking about it and it should perform great for a very inexpensive price. Good for you.

    As far as Crysis goes....... right now your video card is the part that is most going to hold you back right now. The other poster is right. Mostly at medium settings and if you play around a little you might get a few of them to high. Turn of motion blur and vsync.

    I use a GTX260 OC'ed most of the time ( 640/2300/192 ). In DX9 I can play at 16x10 with 8aa and not have any problems. In Vista 2/aa and no problems. In Vista with a 1792 v-ram OC'ed card I can run 8aa and 16aa with no problems. Speed and Vram = success.
    Q9550/8gig DDR2-800/..... hope this helps.
  5. well the 550 cpu is great, if you get lucky its unlockable to be a quad, also overclocks as a duo almost to 4ghz, i got it to 3.92ghz, i got no problems whats so eve, quick enough for me, And i have the gigabyte ga ma ud4p 790x or something like that. And another question is since i just got this video card not to long ago what if i got another one of the 4850 and crossfire them, would that help a ton in crysis?? since the prices on the card is dropping and its almost 100 bucks for the card. so might be worth to get another one.
  6. Cross firing two of those cards might get you a few extra FPS in Crysis and more in other games....check around the net for bench marks .... but I would hold off for 6 or 12 months and get a next gen card. The newer games coming out are going to need the extra horse power and cross firing these aren't going to give it to you. Crysis has a new game coming out early next year I believe it is. It's going to be tougher on cards than the Crysis you are playing now.
  7. oh ok yeah thanks for the info thats what i was thinkin you know just wait maybe until the ati 5 series comes out and get one of those cards but ima go find some benchmarks
  8. huntsman said:
    just wondering what kind of system does it take to run crysis on full ??

    what you need is an E4500 and a 5850(not out yet) it runs faster than a gtx 285. or a 5870 / x2 (not out yet either)
  9. haha alrighty
  10. i have that same processor, but paired with a 4890.

    both overclocked, and i can max the settings at 1080p and get around 25fps. thats playable for me, but i know some people arent comfortable with below 30fps.

    on that rig you hsoul be able to be at med-high. both the proc and video card will have some pitfalls, since crysis has a hard on for quad cores, and of course needs one heluvah vid card, but you should get the game looking and playing well fairly easy.
  11. Why not download the demo and see?
  12. well i did i tried it but i was wondering bout multiplayer as lots of action goes on
  13. It will, but it's ot a very good game, just to give you a heads up
  14. oh how come its not a good game ?
  15. Some people don't like it.

    They are wrong.
  16. i dont like the single player but i thought online would be good guess ill just have to give it a try
  17. imho you can max out crysis so that it's playable, but you won't get 60 fps or anything... not like you need it :p

    I play pretty well at 30fps... I'd rather have 10fps and super high detail than 60fps and low detail, but that's just me ;)
  18. alright thank you all for the help
  19. Hehe good luck playing online..... if you think sp lags wait till you play mp......
  20. what ??? sp as in single player and lags?? i never said it lags, what are u talking about?
  21. what i mean is, if you think that your PC is hot stuff at 30 FPS, wait till you play MP.... the frames DRASTICALLY drop compared to sp.......

    just go and play mp, you will see what I am talking about......
  22. oh i get more than 30frames the other guy just said he rather play at 30 and better quality then 60 with low graphics, but on multiplayer id play on medium or medium low, either way i didnt get it yet
  23. not that hard to understand.....

    you will get beter gameplay in sp compared to mp..... mp is rather sketchy.... well at least on my pc it is VERY different.....
  24. MP runs faster for me for some reason.
  25. huntsman said:
    i dont like the single player but i thought online would be good guess ill just have to give it a try

    Because Even Balance refuse to release a 64-bit version of Punkbuster, and most servers for Crysis are 64-bit (since most people play that version), they don't run Punkbuster. Playing Crysis online is playing in a hack/cheat fest.
  26. oh ok yeah i dont think i will buy it as when it came out it never really got huge attention to its gameplay and multiplayer gameplay it was mostly known just for its graphics at least that what i thought of it lol.
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