IC7 BIOS settings problems

I have the Abit IC7 with the most recent BIOS installed. I'm trying to figure out what these options are and if I should change them.

Game Accelerator (auto) <--- When I put to F1, I get a "BIOS Checksum Error" ??????

Refresh Cycle Time (auto)

Read Delay (tRD) (auto)

Read Delay Adjust (tRDA) (auto)

Command Per Clock (CPC)

I have a good system so I'm not sure why I get an error when I change the game accelerator option.

I have a P4 3ghz with 800 fsb, abit ic7, 1024twinx corsair PC3200 ram, ati radeon 9800 pro

One thing of note, when I cleared my cmos after I got the checksome error my processor was only running at 1.5 ghz, and my memory timings were 2, 5, 3, 2 but when I exited and reentered the BIOS the speed was back up to 3ghz but the memory timings were 2.5, 6, 3, 2. These timings, coupled with those options set to auto seem to be holding my system back. I made a post in CPU regarding tweaking my system since i am only getting 4500+ in 3dmark 03 which is low.

Any help is appriciated, thanks!
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  1. You can read about Abit's Game Accelerator <A HREF="http://www.abit-usa.com/news/2003/20030613c.php" target="_new">here</A>.

    This is from the link. I suppose it applies to IC7 boards as well. Abit instructions are to LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS in BIOS before using Game Accelerator settings.

    "How to Get ABIT's Game Accelerator for the IS7 Series
    Go to http://www.abit.com.tw to download BIOS IS7g_13.b03
    <b>Load Optimized Defaults</b>
    Advanced Chipset Features
    Game Accelerator:
    - Turbo
    - Street Racer
    - F1
    Save to CMOS and EXIT"
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