Changing capacitors, good and bad

Well the good news is that the capacitor changing was successful. Before the Dled showed all 4 red leds, now it starts to boot. Bad news is my dad accidentaly scratched one of the IC pins off with a screwdriver. It was on a WINBOND something IC, which I think is for hardware monitoring. Anyway now the Cpu fans sound really bad, like gggghghghgghggh. You get the idea. It doesnt work now either. No go with board, guess Ill get that asus one. Damn and I had a board with leaking caps working!

<i>Royal Fusileres, Company C</i>
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  1. I once picked up an Abit BE6-II for nothing because it had some pins pushed together on the keyboard controller. I bent them apart with a very thin knife, and it worked! So I sold it on eBay for $102.50.

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  2. No such luck with this though... Really pisses me off too because it would have worked if that IC was fine... I cant bend those pins, becuase the ic has about 300 of them, and its about 1 square inch. They are really really tiny, and I dont think I could get it to contact where it needed to.

    <i>Royal Fusileres, Company C</i>
  3. hehe, then again maybe you could if you tried really hard, and were really carefull!

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  4. what did you break? Specificly?

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