I've got a BIG problem with CSS,can someone help me?

I've accidently changed the resolution of the aplication.Now,when i lauch it,my monitor remains black(as if it was turned off).I searched in the internet on how to rectify the problem and successfully found a way return it to normal resolution.I was supposed to use STEAM(for my 1st time) and change the lauch options but when i add CSS to the My Games tab,it is read as a shotcut and has no lauch options in its properties.So can someone help me to add it as an aplication(and not as a shortcut) please?
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  1. Uninstall and reinstall......
  2. I've already tried but the screen remains black.
  3. In your Steam games tab, right click CSS, select properties, then select set launch options. In the box add "-autoconfig" without the quotation marks, and you should be set, as settings like resolution, etc. will default. Make sure to remove -autoconfig from the launch options so that you can keep your resolution, etc. the next time you start CSS.
  4. In the original post he says that no launch options that he sees.
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