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Reaching out to any fellow KT333 Soyo Dragon Lite users out there. Well, according to the Soyo HW Monitor all my voltages seem to be in safe range except for my AGP slot, its reading 1.8V while I know AGP should be more close to 1.5V. Does anyone know what I could do to safely change it back down. Too much voltage to any one component over times can reduce the life of that component (so I've heard). Unless this is normal I would really appreciate any help.

AMD 2100+ Palomino w/ Volcano 7+ HS
KT333 Soyo Dragon Lite Mobo
512Mb PC2700 DDR
ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
Maxtor 80Gb 2Mb Cache Harddrive
SOny 40x/12x/48x CDRW
and generic DVD-rom.

If this ends up being just a PSU problem, It'll give me an excuse to go out and buy a new one. Thansk again for any help.
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  1. I checked my mobo BIOS and the AGP voltage is set to the default 1.5V. I can't lower it any further in BIOS, however i can raise up to 1.8V by 0.1V increments. So even with BIOS AGP set at 1.5, my Soyo HW Monitor is still reading the AGP voltage to be 1.8V. I dont think its the extra power port on the 9500pro, because the same voltage was shown on my old 16Mb TNT2 graphics card. I'm just worried now about the voltage difference, cuz instead of a cheezy 20 dollar card in my AGP slot i have a $170+ card in there. Anyone have any advice?
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