WTB: low end CPU and GPU

Hello guys i am looking for some parts for a desktop that im building for work. Below are what I need.

GPU: I need something decent enough to play todays games on low-medium and small enough to fit in a small pc case.

CPU: I Want a Core 2 Duo. They run cool and fast. along with a cpu fan.

PC Case : Small and simple.

Please PM me with a fair price.

I am paypal ready and need these parts ASAP. Thank you.
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  1. Core 2 Duo's are old. Careful what you pursue. Chances are a Sandy Bridge Pentium (like a G620 even) will be just as good and cheaper, while still being upgradeable to ivy bridge. Do you already have a motherboard though?

    For the GPU, I suggest a Radeon 5670 or 6670 w/ GDDR5. It's not very powerful, but it's the best you'll get that can run on a weak PSU.

    What PSU do you have? That's kinda a big deal before you decide on graphics.

    Once you include Windows, you'll often find that OEMs like HP or Dell actually sell cheap ($200-$300) models that are cheaper than you can build (unless you find AMAZING sales).
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