WTB: Budget Mobo+Processor and possibly RAM

I'm looking to buy any of these:
1) An AM2 or AM2+ motherboard. It Must be compatible with DDR2 800 RAM and have at least 3 SATA ports.
2) A motherboard and processor combo for less than 75. Only requirement is it must be compatible with DDR2 RAM.
3) A motherboard, processor, RAM combo under 75.
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  1. still looking.
  2. I have a 940 am2+ chip
    6gigs (3x2)of gskillz PI 1066
    and a GA-MA790X-UD4P motherboard
    The ram and the chip are in great condition. The board has an issue with the usbs dieing and come back to life randomly( only reason Im upgrading),if you can live with that the its a great board. I am not sure if i can let the chip and ram go for the price your asking. But the board shoot me an offer if your interested. I will not be able to send it intell my new parts are in.
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