Windows 7 rtm vs vista 64x ultimate

Hi Guys
Im Just wondering (FOR GAMMING) what performs better
the newest release of
windows 7 wich im not sure what that is but yeah
or vista ultimate?
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  1. for me it will be win 7.
  2. For gaming its going to perform slightly better due to its memory optimization and multi-core support. In my opinion if you have vista just stick with it but if your looking for a new os W7 is what i would go with.
  3. I can tell you I notice a difference with 7 being faster. Albeit nothing huge. the biggest difference is memory. with 8GB, booting into Vista 64 Ultimate, I'll get 26% used automatically, where as 7 ultimate is around 15%. For gaming though, you'll notice a small percentage increase, but it's not going to make anything playable that isn't already. 7 is a much better OS IMHO though
  4. Lets be very clear here if you already have Vista then there is really no point in getting W7 as an upgrade just for gaming performance. DX 11 along with the performance benifits it brings (depending on your GPU) will be released for Vista. Dont know when but its going to happen.
    If you have no OS then its a very easy choice foe me W7 every time.

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  6. windows 7 for sure
  7. I will wait a bit before I judge. I have an ASUS motherboard M3A78-T, SB750 southbridge. As of right now, there are no RAID drivers that work for WINDOWS 7. This means I am out of luck for now, as I prefer RAID 1. How many AMD boards are on the market? How could this happen?
  8. i just recently upgraded from 64 bit vista ultimate to 7 professional and have experienced better and faster load times but as for gaming some slight improvement. I am running an Asus rampage 2 extreme motherboard and cant seem to find drivers and cant use the install software disc to tweak my system. I am probably going to have to go back with vista 64 because win7 does not have support yet for my board.
  9. You forget Windows XP.
  10. Win 7 FTW!!!!

    Vista = FAIL
  11. Man windows 7 is the bomb man (the good kind of the bomb)
  12. Windows XP is the way to go for most gaming, Vista takes up SO MUCH RAM it's not even funny. It's taking %50 of my RAM right now, just to sit basically idle and run only one tab on IE. XP was always a really smooth OS for me. Just download GAMEBOOSTER and it'll help. As for Win 7... I honestly have no idea. I'm hoping it'll be compatible with my games.
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