Abit IC7-G & SATA problem

I have a new seagate sata drive and an old ide drive. I want to use both of them on my new ic7-g. How do I go about doing this? The old ide is set on slave. The sata is connected to the sata1 port on the mobo. When i start up, it lists ide1 master - not available or something.
ide2 is the old ide hd, the next 2 are my cd and dvdroms. then, after those 2, my sata drive is listed. what am i doing wrong?
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  1. i believe you'll need to go into your bios settings and set your SATA to be enabled. I might be wrong about that as I don't recall off-hand. if i reboot, i'll look and see -- i just can't remember but go into that bios and see if you find settings under the "onboard" stuff -- or something close! sorry, hth. -ot

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  2. i went in and set to enable. but, i have to choose from auto, enhanced, combo, and maybe something else. which one do i choose?
    i want to boot from my sata drive. does it need to be ide1 master? or can it be something else?
  3. it does not matter what drive you boot from...you can boot from a master or a slave...as long as the drives partition is set as the active partition...you set this when you format your drives (or the os does it for you).

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  4. set yout PATA hard drive as the master since it IS the master on that channel (since there are no other drives on that channel).

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
  5. i ended up taking out the ide drive. its only 10gb and i dont really need it. so now the bios detects the dvdrom and cdr on ide1 and the sata on ide2 - which is fine.
    but, i get out of bios and the system tries to start. i have load from cdrom first and the winxp cd in there, but it says system failure or something - please insert boot disc!
    whats going on??
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