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I just ordered a Dell XPS 17 with a multi-touch screen and 3GB NVIDIA graphics. Pretty sweet machine. I ordered on Friday. Today is Tuesday and I went to show a friend the unit on Dell's website and the price went down $100.00. I chatted with a customer support rep and he said my laptop has shipped (which the order status does not show) and he can't make any changes to the order.

That's really unfair. Does anyone know who I can contact about this. It's stupid to return the laptop and reorder. That just costs me and Dell more money.

I saw an old message from 2005 here that says you can get a price change within 30 days of shipment, but that's an old message and they may have changed their policy.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I advise you call in and talk to the rep about your situation and if there is anything he can do or pass you on to someone who can do something. Speaking to people is a lot better than text over the interweb.
  2. Yes I agree with j559. You must call Dell and ask for a credit.
  3. Contact Dell Customer service and explain your situation over the phone. Be willing to negotiate a credit voucher (coupon) applicable to future Dell purchases. They may be more willing to do this.
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