Where can i find amiga 500 emulator and roms

I think amiga is out of patent, so i think it's ok to ask this question, trying to show my son when games were more about gameplay than graphics,so we have been running emulators.
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  2. I dont understand what you mean, but im looking for amiga emulator and roms, we have nes,n64,sega,etc, just cant find amiga
  3. My link is for amiga classic and if no one over there can help you then what you want may not exist (but I'm pretty sure it does).
  4. where is the link?
  5. Any use? - that is the link, just click on it.
  6. Lmao, duh!, thanks a lot
  7. Exactly what i was looking for thanks guys
  8. :) no worries.
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