[FS] Antec 900 v2 (used) $40 + shipping [Price Drop]

[FS] Antec 900 v2 (used) $40 + shipping

Long story short im moving in with the GF and now shes making me get rid of things, we all go through this sooner or later .

So i have a few things im trying to get out the door.

Antec 900 v2 (not to be confused with the Antec 902)

Ive had the case for less than a year,

Added 2 extra Antec Tricool blue LED fans

Brought thumb screws for the PCI slots for easy removal.

The case have not been modified in any way such as cutting out extra holes

I still have the original box it shipped in with the packaging and all accessories.

With this case im throwing in all the original stock Antec tricool fans, 2 extra 120 Antec clear tricool fans, and the PCI expansion slot thumbscrews. 24 pin and 8 pin extension cables can be thrown in if you want them.

It is all packed up and ready for shipping.

Picture set located here

Update with new pictures to show my system is now disassembled, 2 extra fans along with the stock fans, that the backplane have not been cut up, drilled or modified in any way, the thumbscrews on the PCI slots, both drive cages are unmodified, etc...

All accessories that were included in the case will ship with the case including all screws, PCI GPU bracket, that little rubber mat thing for the tray, etc.

Demci Felx dustfilters are not included with the case.

US shipping only and Paypal transactions to verified accounts
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  1. Bump.

    Make me an offer.
  2. Still available!
  3. Still availble!!
  4. bump
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  7. location and price?
  8. Im sorry, i do not quite understand the question.

    Im located in NYC, if you are close by local pick up is available only during the daytime. Price is listed as above $80 total.
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  13. price drop
  14. 40, without shipping?
  15. $40 + shipping
  16. How much would it cost to ship to california?
  17. This is being shipped from NY, CA will be $30.

    Depending on your budget you may want to get something closer to your location
  18. bump
  19. How shipped to Eastern PA, 18064?
  20. check your PM
  21. Still available!
  22. Definitely Interested. What would shipping be to Susquehanna, PA?
  23. Zipcode 18847
  24. hacbarton said:
    Zipcode 18847

    Check your private messages. Details inside.

  25. No problem. :) Thank you. As an afterthought, does this case have clearance for a 10.5 inch video card? I'm not opposed to making use of my Dremel, but I'd rather not. Either way, I'd like to know whether I need to buy a cutting wheel ahead of time. :P Also, you said you had extenders? I measured the cords coming out of my PSU and found them a little lacking, would you be able to throw at least the 24 pin in?
  26. Maximum video card size: 16"/406mm

    24 pin and 8Pin extenders will be included.
  27. Okay Thank you.
  28. Sold!

    No longer available.
  29. Hey, I must say I appreciate the fast shipping. :) and the condition of the case is fantastic! I was expecting a few scuffs, but it's spotless. Thanks much!
  30. Your welcome.

    Enjoy the case :D!
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