Stalker OL vs Complete 2009

Alright, I am in a PC gaming rut and have decided to come back to Stalker. (no money to buy a new game)

So from what I know, these two mods are the best for this game. The biggest reason I want to get OL is because of the blowouts and weapon mods.

However, the graphic and stability is better in the complete 2009.

Anyone played both or know which one is better? I have already beat the vanilla version, so please help!
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  1. I have played both of them and my opinion:
    -If you plan playing OL you become a completely altered (screwed) gameplay, simply overdosing the replayfactor.

    -Monsters (Cat, Burer, Pseudog)
    -Driveable Cars (I personaly don't love it, cause in a car you almost invincible.)
    -You can join almost every fraction, and the members will help you whit co-op play if you need it. (Its in v1.8, I dont know the avaiability in further or latest versions.)
    -And the weapons, yes (Toz34, AK47, etc.)
    -Cc. 120MB (v2.0 7z archive)

    -If you wanna see how can a 2 year old graphic engine look like a fresh 2009 franchise then your mod is Stalker Complete 2009. You get.:

    -Completely HD retextured everithing.
    -Shaders overtunned. Wet surfaces, Glowing sky, Depth of Field (I use "r2_aa on" -For me is the fastest way, but in this mod you don't need it.) etc... (The engine realy move on his limits.)
    -Athmospheric Sounds. Like a movie. (I like it, especialy the guitaring npc-s, amd the bar radio.)
    -Its funny, but on my rig shoc is running faster whit this mod, faster than the vanilla version. Like a fully optimized game.
    -Cc. 650MB (v1.4.2 selfextracting exe)
    Now I try compiling OL whit Argus' work HD textures and Panorama mod.
    Hard work, but I need gameplay(blowout) and eyecandy too.

    "Got a job for you Marked One, the choise is yours." :D
  2. I actually went with the Complete 2009 mod. Its is simply the best mod I have ever played. The game played and worked phenomenal. I might play OL sometime down the road though. Thanks for the input though.
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