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A friend upgraded his Northwood P4 1.8GHz 256MB cache(4x100 FSB) to the new 2.6GHz version. I WAS GIVEN HIS OLD CPU (the 1.8). Now the hard part. I want to buy a new mobo and memory for it. I have done quite a bit of research and concluded that the i850 chipset is the best overall performer. This is only because if I get the new 865/875 chipset, I can only use ddr266 when using an older P4 that uses the 4x100MHz FSB due to limitations on the new chipset. P4 B cpu can use ddr333, and P4 C cpu can use ddr400.
These brings a few questions to mind:

1. If I am able to overclock the cpu to 4x133 on the 865/875 mobo, can I then use ddr333?

2. If I choose the 850 chipset and run 1066 RDRAM will I see any decent performance increase versus 800 RDRAM with my particular cpu. Is this even possible to run asynchronous like that since my cpu is running at a 100MHz bus?

I intend to upgrade this cpu in about a year when the current P4's are cheaper, so it would be nice not to have to upgrade my memory at the same time, so I am trying to get the max memory bandwidth now so my next cpu will be ready to go. I hope this makes sense ;)

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  1. You do not have to run pc3200 at 200 mhz fsb (quad pumped = 800). If you want, you can run it as slow as your bios settings will allow. Of course if you intend to overclock your P4C when you get it, I would suggest you get PC3500. Same story. That said, why not grab an 865 mobo now. That way when you have the cash for a new proc, it will be a snap.
  2. My recommedations? If you choose an 865/875 board, use PC3200 and underclock it to PC1600 speed. In fact, use the best PC3200 you can get. This will allow room for upgrades.

    You could underclock PC3200 to PC1600 speed and still run it in dual channel that way. And it would be as fast as your CPU bus, it would be "in sync". Dual channel mode would get your transfer rate to 100%. You would be able to run the memory at whatever timing you like, because it would be underclocked so far.

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  3. Wait, you said upgrade in a YEAR? In that case, I'd go with the cheapest PC2100 you can find, underclock that to PC1600 speed, and push the Cas Latency. Because in a Year, memory will be better and much, much cheaper.

    Or better yet, just buy a used i850/RDRAM combo. The only advantage PC1066 would have over PC800 might run with a little less latency, but I doubt it.

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