Far Cry 2 - wtf my buddy killed me... unstable OC?

Hey guys I've finished FC2 on easy, and now I'm playing Hardcore and I see that there are some differences... I was just confused because none of my wounded buddies would take a sirette (my character just grabs a desert eagle which I didn't even have on me), and my only option is to mercy kill them, even though I'm hitting 'H' like crazy...

Also, Paul Ferenc saved me, and after he saves me, he turns around and shoots me... wtf? I knife him dead and then my health shoots back up to full. A few missions later, that ugly girl saves me, and same thing happens... she starts shooting me as soon as she sees me (during a buddy mission). I replayed the mission, and she's wounded, but I can't give her a sirette... is this normal?

There are some hints of my computer not being stable though... for example when I turn on AA, the reflections go all crazy.. sometimes certain bodies of water flash bright/dark depending on where I'm looking at it from, and sometimes I'd even see a map in the water, with all the labels and stuff, as if it was a 'watermark' lol. There are no artifacts like blobs of pixelated spots or anything... maybe the physx chip is fried? OCed cpu too much?

athlon 7750 @ 3.0ghz stock voltage
gtx260 650/1300/1100 (I think...)

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    Your GPU should be fine, although what resolution are you playing on? I'm not good on athlons so I cant compare them performance wise to an intel. About the AI behaving weirdly, I must admit it's quite strange. I wouldn't think it's hardware side 'cuz they just treat information, so it's something software side. Does this happen only on Hardcore?
  2. I'm playing @ 1080p, everything on max. It didn't happen on easy, only started to happen when I switched to hardcore...

    anyways, I'm done with far cry >.< don't really like the storyline... switching to cod 4 :)
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