Lots of Computer Parts for Sale!!

I have a bunch of computer and server parts for sale as follows:

Supermicro BPN-SAS-846EL1 4u SAS/SATA Backplane - Refurbished in box - $200.00
3x Dynatron P199 1u Socket 1156 CPU Fans - BRAND NEW IN BOX - $15.00/ea
2x Dynatron G199 1u Socket 1366 CPU Fans - BRAND NEW IN BOX - $15.00/ea
2x Dynatron A7DG 1u Socket AM2 CPU Fans - BRAND NEW IN BOX - $15.00/ea
Supermicro RR1U-XR PCI-X Riser Card - NEW - $5.00
Supermicro RR1U-XI PCI-X Riser Card - NEW - $5.00
Supermicro RR1U-ER PCI-X Riser Card - NEW - $5.00
5x Sparkle 1u FSP-250PLB PSUs - $30.00/ea
1x ST31000640SS 1TB SAS Seagate Hard Drive - $50.00/ea
1x Intel DB65ALB3 Motherboard w/CD ROM - Refurbished - $50.00
1x Intel DB65ALB3 Motherboard w/o CD ROM - Refurbished - $30.00
1x Gigabyte H55M-S2V Motherboard - Refurbished - $50.00
2x 1.5TB Seagate ST31500341AS Hard Drives - Refurbished - $70.00/ea
1x 750GB Seagate ST3750640AS Hard Drive - Reburbished - $50.00
5x 8" 8 Pin EPS Extension Cables - New - $5.00
7x 8" 4 Pin ATX Extension Cables - New - $5.00
2x Intel Xeon L5410A CPUs - Open and used twice for testing - Box and heatsink included - $200.00 for both
2x AMD Opteron 2382 CPUs - OEM - $200.00 for both
2x AMD Phenom 9350 CPUs - OEM - $50.00 each
2x AMD Phenom 9550 CPUs - OEM - $60.00 each
1x Intel SR1695GRPX2ACNA 1u Rackmount Server Barebones Kit w/ Redundant PSU, 4x SAS/SATA Hotswap - Turned on twice. - $600.00

I'm still willing to negotiate as well, so please let me know if you have any offers! Thanks!

I can ship anywhere as well, just cover the shipping costs...

Thanks so much,
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  1. Would you be willing to run Seatools on the hard drives? (and send the results afterwards?)
    Also, do any of them have warranties?

    Also, how long are your 8 Pin EPS extensions?
  2. Good morning,
    I only have the 750GB drive left as of today. They are actually all factory sealed from Seagate. I had them returned to me and never re-opened them. I could certainly open them and test them if you want, or just send it to you, whichever.

    The EPS cables are 8" each.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

  3. Do you have multiple hard drives, or just one?
    Where would you be shipping from? I'm in the US.
  4. I have the 1 750GB drive and a 1 1TB Seagate SAS right now that's left...
    They would ship from Garner, NC 27529..

    Let me know!

  5. If you could test them and send me the results that would be great. I'm interested in both if they pass with good results.
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