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I can't install fallout3 1.7 patch! (windows 7)


i'm experiencing a problem with installing fallout 3 1.7 patch. Actually, I can't run game either. i googled about this problem, and most people say it's a problem related with Windows LIVE.

Using Windows 7 Ultimate K, and have updated every possible Driver, software, ETC.

Whenever i try to run the game after installation process, and at the end of the patching process, it always gives me an error message saying "The ordinal 5360 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll"

Please help me with installing patches!!!!
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  1. yeah i get the exact same problem im always crashing in the game so i went to get the update but whenever i try to install it it just says that its an invalid patch file, but i do know how to disable LIVE here ill give you the link : i hope this helps
  2. also what you could do if you cant get thing to run, try running it threw vista compatibility or download replacement dll file
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  4. Hey I've had the exact same problem I followed this link and installed LIVE 3.0 but now whenever I try to run the patch it gets to the end of the installation and just launches the game for some reason, patch uninstalled...

    any ideas why?
  5. ryna said:
    I've found installing Games for Windows - LIVE Setup 3.0 fixes the issue:

    oh my god thank you! it solved every problem i had!
  6. i installed games for windows live and i get past the live error but now i get an appcrash whenever i try to open the game
  7. If you are having problems with the 1.7 Patch, then you're using "Game of the Year Edition".

    To fix it, uninstall Fallout 3 by inserting DVD1 and running setup, selecting remove (you will have the option to keep your saved games!).

    Then goto Control Panel>Programs and Features (for Windows 7 users). On the left you will see "Turn Windows Features On or Off" - click it. Click on the [+] box next to Windows .NET Framework 3.5.1 to expand the selection and tick the two empty boxes that appear. The click OK and wait patiently until it silently installs the required features.

    Once the installation is removed and you've updated the .NET framework, run setup again from DVD1 to create a clean installation. Choose a SIMPLE installation rather than custom. When this has completed, do not run the game.

    Insert DVD2 and run setup. When this has completed, run the patch making sure you have dowloaded the correct one (I'm using the UK version of the game so I use the UK patch!).

    WHen the patch has installed it will exit. Cancel any other messages.

    Re-insert DVD1 and select Fallout 3 from Start Menu>Games.

    All done and dusted!
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