MSI K7N2-L lan problems

Greetings. I just built a new system with K7N2-L mobo. When I went to hook it up to my DSL modem I can not get PPPOE to work for dialup (Win XP Pro, SP1). LAN card shows up, indicator lights up, all seems to be fine. Just won't dial out through DSL modem. I hooked my old machine back up to the line to double check and it dials out fine.

Is there something strange with the onboard NIC on this board? Something to do with the LAN Bridge (part of drivers)? Or a setting in the BIOS that I have wrong? Anyone else having the same problem?

Please help... frustrating.

Mike (aka PhatStratPlayer)

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  1. As a starting point, I would install the "" registry patch from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. This site is about the only one I trust for registry tweaks, as they give you actual .reg files you can open and peruse before installing, instead of having you install some sort of "auto-tweaker".

    Anyways I am not familiar with PPPoE (never had to support it), but there may be something in that patch that will clear things up. At the very least it will tweak your connection for better speeds once you do get it working. Anyone else got any ideas?

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