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I'm in the market to totally upgrade my computer. I really want to have a MB that takes advantage of the 800 MHz FSB. I've narrowed my selection to the ASUS P4P800 & the P4S800. My knowledge of hardware is only basic so I can't tell whether the difference between these two boards is substatial enough to choose one over the other.

I don't feel like I would take advantage of many of the physical differences (i.e. 6 vs 8 USB slots, 3 vs 4 DIMM slots, gigabit LAN vs 10/100). So my primary decision is whether the Intel chipset vs. the SIS chipset is substantial enough to warrant the extra $40 or so for the P4P800.

Also, is there a comparable MB other than ASUS that may provide equal performance at a better price?

I appreciate your help and knowledge in this area.
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  1. Go with the P4P800, it's a superior board to the SiS chipset. The i865 line is *excellent* both in ability to overclock and general features. I personally wouldn't but a sis chipset if my life depended on it.

  2. The SiS chipset has one key weakness compared to the Intel chipset. It does not support <b>Dual Channel</b> DDR.

    BTW I noticed this article covering MML2 on the Asus site:
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