Mass effect for pc... veeerry low res

I just decided to buy mass effect for my pc today (AMD Phenom ii x4 955, GTX 295, 8g ddr3 1600) instead of my 360, since i thought the graphics would be better, since they usually are for pc games. But..... i was very, very wrong. Frankly, the graphics suck and the max resolution is sooo low! I thought a 2007 or 07 (dont remember exact year) would have a higher resolution as a much older game (Halo pc for ex), but i guess that was too hard to do. Is there any way to play it at my monitors res (1920 x 1080)
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  1. did u check the settings in video setup or advance settings in the game
  2. One option is to use your ATI or NVidia tools to make a personal profile. I tried it with ATI and enabled 4xAA (my only change). You must launch from that link not the original.

    4xAA @1366x768 looks pretty good but without it the "jaggies" are very pronounced.

    I'm extremely surprised that such easy fixes such as adding support for 1920x1080 aren't made on such popular titles.
  3. Have a look in the nvidia control panel or properties of exe of the game
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