Left 4 Dead - will it run?

Hey Guys,

Title says it all really, i have the game on Xbox, but for many reasons i won't go into, I'll probably be picking up a PC copy when it dips down to 20$ on steam, anyway, I expect it will run at a playable rate at high-ish settings.

Here are the important specs

- Intel 945G motherboard
- dual core 2.8 GHZ pentium D 820 processor {smithfield architecture}
- Sapphire HD 4650 GPU, 512MB of gddr3 video RAM
- two sticks of ddr2 RAM, at 512 MB each

I can run multiplayer source engine games with almost all settings maxed out and still get decent framerates, but the snag here is that Left 4 Dead has your computer render more enemies then other source games.

So can i get at least medium settings, maybe with a bit of Anti aliasing/anistropic?
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  1. Yea it will run but don't expect high frames.... I would suggest u get some more ram.....
  2. I would suggest finding a very cheap dedicated video card to use. Left 4 Dead is considerably more demanding than other source games for the reason you mentioned. When a horde is surrounding you, that IGP will fall.
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