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ok I currently have a lvl 130 bishop on demethos in maplestory global. My friends wanted me to go zak with them but i wound up lagging like crazy and dying (happened twice). Usually i solo maps by myself (solo build during priest). Anyways my computer is a OLD dell inspiron 8250 and it sucks. I sold harps leech and i had to minimize windows when i gend so that i would not lag at all. Do you guys know any cheap computers i can buy to play maplestory and boss on zakum and horntail? My budget is only around $300 so i really need help. I already have the speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Or do you guys know any cheap system i can put together that even a beginner can make?
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  1. I would suggest an LGA775 system with a Pentium Dual Core (E5200 is a good choice) or an AM2+ system with an Athlon II (Athlon II 240 is good, and easily OC'able to hit 250 Stock levels, saving you a few bucks).
    As far as Graphics go, an ATI Radeon 4650 or better is good (Maybe a 4670 ICE, if you can afford it)
    Ram, 2gb + will be good enough.
    I dont play Maplestory but I know it is a very Resource freindly game, and this PC would run WoW 25man raids at decent settings.
    Also, build it, you will save $100's
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