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I have a Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth Mouse by Microsoft.

I've been trying to update my mouse driver/software so I can bind the side mouse buttons to CTRL and ALT for gaming. Well, finally after installing and reinstalling a few times, I finally got the buttons to bind with the Intellimouse 7.0 software provided by Microsoft's recommendation tool.

Now, my problem is, inside any game, my scroll is reduced significantly (Aion, War, etc...). Outside the game, it is just fine. I've tried adjusting my verticall scrolling to the max fast setting as well as the acceleration, but that did not help.

I don't think it's anything weird with my video card or Vista settings...
I think it's a driver conflict or poor driver for the hardware.

My basic system is:
AMD 6400 3.2 GHz
4 GB of RAM @ 800
9800 GTX+
550W PSU

Any suggestions?

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