NForce2 vs Geforce 3

Can anyone tell me if my new Nforce2 MB graphics componet is better than a geforce 3? Can anyone point me to a benchmark that compares the two?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It´s like testing a GeForce 4 MX with a GeForce 3. Lots of people have tested these two against each other, look in the graphics section, and I believe any GeForce 3 is better than a GeForce 4 MX. Because of the DirectX 8 support and the pixel-shader.

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  2. Nope. The nForce2 IGP is a tad slower than a Geforce4 MX 440 in dual channel, and it's DirectX 7 based. The Geforce3 is DirectX 8 based, and it's quite a bit faster. Here's a <A HREF="" target="_new"> review</A> of the IGP in single channel and dual channel vs a GF4 Ti4200. It's still pretty darn good for being IGP.
  3. Its a Geforce 4 MX card.

    Its not a real DX8 card, but rather DX7 with maybe a few DX8 features. It ranks between the Gforce 2 MX and Geforce 3. Should have been called GF 2.5 Mx. Where exactly I am not sure. Never seen it compared to a GF2 Ultra.

    Anyway you definately want to use your GF3.
  4. I read a review in CPU or MaximumPC May or June issue I'm sorry I don't remember more details.

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