Call of Duty 4 -- Problem

I am having issues with the multiplayer part of cod4, I have no issues with any other game. It will freeze my system at random when playing online, it will produce no sound once froze and the image on screen just sits there, the computer doesn't restart I have to hard boot it. I can literally play any other game at max setting for as long as I want including the single player but for some reason the multiplayer freezes.

My system is:
Asus P6T Deluxe V1
Intel Core I7 920 @ 3.9 Ghz
6Gb G. Skill 1333mhz ram @ 1152mhz
Sapphire HD 4870x2
Corsair TX850 PSU
4 Hard Drives :
320gb Western Digital OS
1Tb Western Digital Games Drive
1Tb Western Digital Media Drive
500gb Western Digital
Windows 7 Professional RTM

The game is installed on 1Tb drive but it gave me problems on other hard drives too. I have changed my clocks on everything to default and tried with no luck. I am looking for any suggestions that might help me solve this mysterious problem. I have tried different video cards with no prevail, I am hoping it be nothing serious.
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    Okay, first of all, have you tried reinstalling the game? You sound as though you probably have, but if not, try that. If you have, do some google searches for Punkbuster and reinstall that and update it. You will need both the pbsetup.exe and pbsvc.exe files to do this. Try those, see if either of them help.
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