[FS] EK GTX 570 (Nickel-Plexi) Waterblock

I've got the EK-FC570 GTX SE for Nvidia GTX 570 Reference Design - EN (Nickel) GPU water block for sale.

Note: this is the first revision (NOT Rev. 1.1) so be sure to check for compatibility.

I purchased this for my EVGA GTX 570 HD only to find out that I needed the 1.1 revision. The block has not been mounted to the card but I did connect fittings and tubing for a test run. Otherwise, this thing is pretty much new with all the original accessories (thermal pads, screws, etc.).

I paid $108 + shipping for it at, your's for $95 shipped.

I accept Chase QuickPay and PayPal. I've got 500+ feedback on eBay.

If you are interested, PM me for photos.
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  1. Thanks for your great advice. Price lowered.

    Consumer will always be skeptical, especially in this forum full of sticklers and picky people like myself. But, really the block itself is in brand new condition.
  2. Mmmk removed my message. Just wanted to let you know.
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