The kode manual of the sims 2

please, tell me what my code for install the sims2..I very need the code now. please send the code to my e-mail :
I need soon
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  1. lol :D hwo can people be so stoopid? none will give u the code, dude.
  2. Another day.... another "pirated" game and key code request.

    If anyone else out there readigng this feels the need to ask for missing Keys for their software then please feel free NOT to post on here

    If the small percentage of posters asking for keys are genuie then contact the software vendor - everyone else ? stop wasting everyones time.
  3. You could always try 911, that sometimes works.
  4. I have a feeling that these are all automated posts, or just general human spam. We seem to go through phases, and this is the "I want xxx key" phase. This is the second time the Sims 2 code has been requested in a week, among others. Personally, I consider all posts which are short and contain an email address to be nothing but spam.

    In the recent past we had the "how to... " phase, where we'd get a whole lot of one-line threads which were poorly written questions like "how to write DVD."
  5. I'm still training my ban & lock sticks :??: (I thought I'd closed this one!), minor interface issues due to the versus the .com differences is what I'm blaming for this one. [:mousemonkey]
  6. I can't even moderate the UK forum. They are totally separate, but access the same database (equal with the exception of the General UK and Irishmen Discussions).
  7. I have to use the 'Forum > Your threads ' link to be able to action anything but that doesn't always work on the first attempt I've noticed and sometimes won't work at all or will redirect me to somewhere just bizarre.
  8. Why do we even have two forums? They should be identical. That way fixing bugs on one doesn't leave the other in the dust. Easier maintenance, and this forum needs maintenance.
  9. I don't think they've quite got over that whole Agincourt 'incident' myself, it might go some way to explaining the nobbled interface we Brits get.
  10. just a thought... I need the keys to a shiny new Ferrari F458 - anyone feeling kind enough to help me out ?
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