Is there any new PC rpg games with great graphics (ie. with graphics as good as

is there any new PC rpg games with great graphics (ie. with graphics as good as final fantasy x or better? yes i know that ffx doesn\'t run on pc. my ps2 broke down, so i want to try PC games now)

i know final fantasy x is very long ago and i want to see if there's new games with at least that quality of graphics, music and storyline. thanks all
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  1. The Last Remnant maybe ? just off the top of my head. Fantasy turn based RPG
  2. Japan stay away from PC's when it comes to games, more so JRPGs, so your best to get a PS3 or something that runs all your PS2 games... Saying that there are not too many RPG's out for the consoles yet... times are hard.
  3. Aion!!
  4. Captainhero said:

    BOLLOX :na:
  5. Oblivion, The Witcher, Mass Effect are all great RPG's (Mass Effect is touch on the short side) with great graphics. To be honest just about any RPG on the PC is going to have better graphics then Final Fantesy X, FFX is 2001 game? Games like Oblivion back when it was new would crush any video card you throw at it but even today it's still a great looking title.
  6. To be honest in my opinion, Final Fantasy X has very good graphics for its day and when put next to American/Western RPG’s the graphics look much more beautiful and last longer in this ever developing technology era. But it all depends on what you want, if you don’t mind RPG’s looking the same as our world but set 600 years ago then western RPG’s are fine but if you want a completely new art setting with new worlds and to be honest, with a bit more imagination then stick with JRPG’s.

    But to answer your question again, you will need to get a console to have the best of the JRPGs.
  7. while i agree with some others that have said you need a console to enjoy the best RPGS, there are still some brilliant PC RPGs that are worth trying out.

    id recomend Mass Effect highly, as well as the withcer: directors cut. NWN2 is also prety awesome. and if you like MMOs, Aion is actually a superb game.
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