MSI KT4V & ATI Radeon 9500 Pro

Hi I recently bought a compuer...and its a real pain now.....

System Configuration:
CPU: AMD Athlon 2200+
Mother Board:KT4V-L (onboard Lan Function)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
Memory: Samsung DDR400
Monitor: NEC AccuSync 95F
PSU: Generic 300W
OS: Windows XP Pro SP1
Video Card Drivers: Catalyst 3.6

I have installed the latest drivers for MSI mother board.
I have the latest BIOS.
I have the latest video card drivers.
I have the latest software updates for my operating system.
I have latest software updates for all my other software/hardware.

The computer reboots automatically in 3D intensive applications. This is not a Windows style reboot, its a hard reboot (hardware reboot). Crashing applications: 3D Mark2003, Warcraft3, UT2003, Unreal2, EtherLords, Morrowind, Gothic...... Almost any 3D application causes the computer to reboot, however some reboot at particular spots while others require an extended period of time to cause a reboot (up to several hours sometimes).

Recently I bought a better PSU - ENERMAX EG451P-VE 431W. This improved the behaviour so that now the computer hangs at exactly the same spots where it was rebooting before. Either the picute freezes or the screen goes black, sometimes the music could still be heard playing, but computer does not respond to any commands.

I switched the RAM, the PSU, the CPU, the HDD and the problem persisted. When I switch the video card to an NVIDIA card such as GF4200Ti the problem goes away
completely. I tested the Radeon 9500 Pro video card itself on a different system, it works perfectly.

This mother board is not compatible with ATI Radeon 9500 Pro video card.

Myabe this video card requires too much power from the mother board at certain times and this causes the reboots/hangs. :-/


P.S. I do not think exchanging the mother board for the same model will fix this because I know people who are having the same problems and I am not willing to check
this out for sure by bying one more of this boards or sending it out. This forum turned out to have quite a few people having issues with MSI & ATI boards. I still remember the manual for one of MSI boards which said: "AGP slot supports Nvidia VGA cards only." (although the board handled ATI cards eheehh) but that was like 3years ago.... I thought they changed. :(
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  1. If you have used nvidia drivers in the past on that system then it will cause conflicts (even if they have been uninstalled) with ati cards. You can download driver cleaners online...i don't have specific links but try posting this in the gpu forum as it sounds like a driver problem to me (i assume you have the latest CATs).

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
  2. I have a nforce2 mobo with an ATI card and they work well together. What about cooling? have you tried the computer with the side panel open and a fan blowing air directly inside the case?

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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