Problems with GA-7N400 series nforce2 boards

I have now built 2 systems with GA-7N400pro (nforce2) and 1 with GA-7N400-L1 (nforce2) and all 3 boards have been unable to run stable in dual channel DDR333 configuration.

I have tried 3 different types of memory and I always used identical pairs of them. These are the types tried:

Lemel (PMI chips) - DDR333 CL3
Kingston (Kingston chips) - DDR333 CL2.5
Kingston (Hynix chips) - DDR333 CL2.5

I know that there are much better types of memory around, but this is what I had on hand at the time I bought these boards. It seems to me that this board design is faulty or the bios is very poor.
Also, I found these board do not work with many older style PS/2 keyboards (wierd huh).

The boards seem to run fine when I move the ram sticks into the same channels (single channel mode. Has anyone had any joy with these boards? I know I'm going to steer clear of them until I'm sure the problems are fixed.
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  1. What, no-ones used one of these?
    Please comment if you've had problems or success?
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