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Hi, I'am looking for an old dos game that I used to play at elementry school.

It was a puzzel like game with a rabbit that what I remember and some green ooz or virus like thing spreading and after some time this green ooze turns into cabbage that you can eat to score points

That's all i remember now. Can some one help ?
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  1. maybe ........

    Jazz Jackrabbit
    Quick The Thunder Rabbit
  2. Thanks sirkillalot, but no its not those 2, it was someting likes off supaplex
  3. maybe this
  4. did it sing "hallelujah" at the end of the level? If so, I am looking for the same game -- let me know if you ever find it, I'll do the same...
  5. I am also looking for this game, please keep me updated
  6. try this one or this my bro like playing these all the time.
  7. The game you are looking for is called Reader Rabbit
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