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So, I've been happily enjoying split screen L4D on my pc for some time now. However, after today's "Crash Course" update, my split screen command no longer works - my friend was forced to watch me play the new level from the stands. Anyone know why, or know of a new way to split the screen?
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  1. Hmmm...did it apply to just that map?

    Also, in the console, do any of the SS_"whatever" commands pop up as you start to type them? Maybe the commands were removed?
  2. Nope, stopped working for all maps. The ss_... suggestions still pop up though.
  3. Huh...Next time I load L4D, I'll try it out. I doubt they disabed the extentions but kept them in the game...

    Might want to check their forums; I'd imagine a 50+ page post if SS suddenly stopped working.
  4. That's what I was worried about. If you look in the game details for L4D 2 you'll see that it specifically states split screen is not available on the PC version. Sounds like they jumped the gun slipped it into the current game with the latest patch. Might want to check over at the Steam forums for more details.
  5. So, I've managed to figure out how to add a second spectator in split screen, but I can't manage to make the second person an actual player. Here are the steps thus far:

    1. Edit the 360controller file
    2. Start game.
    3. At main menu, enter the following in the console:
    exec 360controller
    ss_enable 1
    ss_splitmode 1
    4. Start single player game
    5. In the console, enter ss_connect

    This successfully splits the screen & puts a second person on the bottom half. But as a spectator. I'm no developer, and my knowledge of this stuff is limited, so any help would be appreciated. Hopefully I'm missing something obvious. Here's my 360controller file:

    unbindall// Prevent mouse/keyboard control when gamepad is in use (to prevent autoaim exploit)

    joystick 1
    joy_advanced "1"// use advanced joystick options (allows for multiple axes)

    joy_name "L4D Xbox360 Joystick Configuration"
    joy_advaxisx 3// x-axis controls GAME_AXIS_SIDE (strafing left and right)
    joy_advaxisy 1// y-axis controls GAME_AXIS_FORWARD (move forward and back)
    joy_advaxisz 0// z-axis is treated like a button
    joy_advaxisr 2// r-axis controls GAME_AXIS_PITCH (look up and down)
    joy_advaxisu 4// u-axis controls GAME_AXIS_YAW (look left and right)
    joy_advaxisv 0// v-axis is unused
    joy_forwardsensitivity -1.0// movement sensitivity

    joy_sidesensitivity 1.0
    joy_forwardthreshold 0.1// movement dead zone settings
    joy_sidethreshold 0.1
    joy_pitchsensitivity 1.0// look sensitivity
    joy_yawsensitivity -1.5
    joy_pitchthreshold 0.1// look dead zone settings
    joy_yawthreshold 0.0

    joy_variable_frametime 1
    joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
    joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
    joy_lowend 0.65
    joy_lowmap 0.15
    joy_accelscale 3.0
    joy_accelmax 4.0
    joy_response_move 5
    joy_response_look 1
    joy_autoaimdampen 0.3
    joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
    joyadvancedupdate// advanced joystick update allows for analog control of move and look

    // Alternate control 1
    bind "0" "slot10"
    bind "1" "slot1"
    bind "2" "slot2"
    bind "3" "slot3"
    bind "4" "slot4"
    bind "5" "slot5"
    bind "6" "slot6"
    bind "7" "slot7"
    bind "8" "slot8"
    bind "9" "slot9"
    bind "a" "+moveleft"
    bind "c" "+voicerecord"
    bind "d" "+moveright"
    bind "e" "+use"
    bind "f" "impulse 100"
    bind "h" "motd"
    bind "m" "chooseteam"
    bind "q" "lastinv"
    bind "r" "+reload"
    bind "s" "+back"
    bind "t" "impulse 201"
    bind "u" "messagemode2"
    bind "w" "+forward"
    bind "x" "+mouse_menu QA"
    bind "y" "messagemode"
    bind "z" "+mouse_menu Orders"
    bind "`" "toggleconsole"
    bind "SPACE" "+jump"
    bind "TAB" "+showscores"
    bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
    bind "SHIFT" "+speed"
    bind "CTRL" "+duck"
    bind "F1" "Vote Yes"
    bind "F2" "Vote No"
    bind "F5" "jpeg"
    bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
    bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
    bind "MOUSE3" "+zoom"
    bind "MWHEELUP" "invprev"
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext"

    // controller2 bindings
    cmd2 +jlook// enable joystick look
    cmd2 bind "A_BUTTON" "+jump;+menuAccept"// (A) button - Jump -menuAccpt allows us to make selections on hud menus
    cmd2 bind "B_BUTTON" "+reload"// (B) button - Reload
    cmd2 bind "X_BUTTON" "+use"// (X) Use
    cmd2 bind "Y_BUTTON" "lastinv"// (Y) button - swap pistol/rifle or z_abort -used to respawn as a ghost.
    cmd2 bind "R_TRIGGER" "+attack"// RT - Main weapon - Primary trigger
    cmd2 bind "L_TRIGGER" "+attack2"// LT - Melee
    cmd2 bind "R_SHOULDER" "+lookspin"// RB - Fast 180 spin
    cmd2 bind "L_SHOULDER" "toggle_duck"// LB - Duck - is also used to give objects to people.
    cmd2 bind "STICK1" "vocalize smartlook"// LS - vocalize
    cmd2 bind "STICK2" "+zoom"// RS click - Rifle Zoom

    // Fixed bindings, do not change these across joystick presets
    cmd2 bind "BACK" "togglescores"// (back) button - scores
    cmd2 bind "START" "pause"// (start) button - pause
    cmd2 bind "S1_UP" "+menuUp"// Hud menu Up
    cmd2 bind "S1_DOWN" "+menuDown"// Hud menu Down
    cmd2 bind "UP" "impulse 100"// DPad Up - Toggle flashlight
    cmd2 bind "LEFT" "slot3"// DPad Left - grenade
    cmd2 bind "RIGHT" "slot4"// DPad Right - health
    cmd2 bind "DOWN" "slot5"// DPad Down - Pills
  6. For those interested, I check over at the Steam forums again this morning & noticed that someone had figured it out. Follow all the steps I mentioned, then enter "cmd2 jointeam 2".

    Two player split screen once again.
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