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Hello all

I have recently 'started over' with a new hard drive on my existing system. That system features an Asus P5W-DH Deluxe board with a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor, 4GB of ram and a 9600GT GPU (in the event that any of this is relevant!). Windows 7 64-bit is the new operating system.

My old hard drive is now installed as local disc D:. Windows XP 32-bit was/is the operating system installed on that drive.

My issue is two-fold. First (more generally), I am being denied access to folders (including my multimedia folders), and the only 'solution' I have found thus far is adjusting permissions on a folder by folder basis. I have tried adjusting the security settings for the entire folder but the problem with the subfolders continues. I cannot play the music files from their present location either. Any ideas on how to change these security settings so that I have unfettered access?

Second, I would like to migrate some multimedia files from my older hard drive to the new one. I don't want a blanket migration of everything, as there are a number of folders that I do not need regular access to, so they can stay where they are. I have been unsuccessful so far - any tips?

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  1. Do you still plan on using XP at all? If not, it may be worthwhile to just move all the files you want to to an external drive and copy them to the Windows 7 installation.
  2. If the XP machine was password protected, I suggest deleting that password in Control Panel>User Accounts before moving files over. Windows 7 has a hang up over passwords and certainly expects everyone to use one so it may think there should be one in XP even if there isn't.
  3. Hello and thanks

    Herr_Koos, I do not plan on using XP in future (although I love the OS). The older drive will now serve only as a storage drive.

    Should I remove it, encase it in an external drive enclosure and access the files that way? Will it make any difference?

  4. Saga lout, there was no password protection for the old drive. I have no idea how to change settings on that drive at this stage, but there was definitely no password to speak of.
  5. Hi guys

    I've figured out the solution (to both issues). I failed to take ownership of the relevant files/folders. Having done so, I now have full access to my files and I am presently transferring required information to the new hard drive.

    Thanks for the input.
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    You may need to take ownership of the files on the windows xp drive in the user account if you had clicked "make private" when you set the password. This only applies to files in "Document and Settings\Username" folders of Windows XP. there may be other files. I hope you didn't encrypt any of the files, because that gets a little more tricky, considering it was designed to prevent reading files off a drive when not booted from the system that ceated them.

    1) Find the Document and Settings Folder on you D: Or other folders that may be giving you issues.
    2) Right Click and go to properties.
    3) Change to the security tab.
    4) Click the advanced button.
    5) Change to the Owner tab.\
    6) Click Edit button
    7) Choose yourself or administrators out of the change to list. (Either shoudl work)
    8) Check the replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
    9) Clikc OK.
    10) Wait.. wait.. wait..

    Should be able to set premissions on all subcontainers in a similar way but ownership may be your issue.
  7. Intelliclint, thanks very much for the informative post. I stumbled across the answer just before you got to me, but it is much appreciated (and hopefully of assistance to others with the same problem).
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