Gigabyte GA7VRX but what kinda CPUs?

I owe a GA7VRX with a Palomino 1800+ and 512Mb RAm PC2700. My question is... Can I upgrade my CPU to the Thoro 2600 (FSB 166) or Barton (FSB166)? My mobo makes me switch only between 100 and 133 mhz FSB but I can bring it to 166 manually. I upgraded bios to the last version F7. The chipset is VIA KT333.
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  1. Officially the mobo doesn't support either of the 2 CPUs. GO <A HREF="" target="_new"> HERE </A> to find out.

    Yes u can upgrade to 333 FSB processors, but like u said, u will have to overclock to get the true potential out of ur CPU.

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  2. Well I've been lucky. My seller loaned me a 2600+ and I tried it. Well, I set the FSB to 166 manually from bios and everything was ok until I switched off the power, then the bios resets to default. I eoncountered another problem with the soundcard. Mysteriously the peripheral vanished from the system and was no more visible. Everything went ok when I returned to my 1800+.
    The system was stable, so I Think that KT333 is good enough to support these kinds of CPUs. I am very angry 'cause now I know my mobo has the potential to operate with this CPU but for some commercial reason the manufacturers decided to negate me an upgrade to a new CPU. They are mad if they think I would buy a new mobo. I am not going to buy a 2600+ and of coure I am not thinking to upgrade my mobo. Sorry manufacturers! See ya next time... Ah, I bought my mobo only 10 months ago... now there is only a few suitable cpus!!!
  3. your sound card may have vanished because it could not opperate at the elivated PCI bus speeds...what pci/agp divider were you running?

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  4. How can I calculate the divider? I simply brought FSB to 166, nothing else, obviously I kept the ram working in synchronous with the cpu.
  5. good that u cud get to try out the 2600+ b4 u cud buy it. Anyways, that set-up of urs is not all that bad, if u ask me. U cud wait a little longer, may be for another 5-6 months. That way you cud even go for a complete overhaul, with Prescott being released and the second revision of the current Canterwood mobos released.

    Meanwhile, if u do want some good performance, then u cud get a 1700+ t-bred B and then overclock the hell out of it. U cud unlock the multiplier and then may be get some good speeds.

    By the way, 2600+ has all the higher mutiplers unlocked right? Can u change the multiplier in the BIOS? If so and if u still have that 2600+, try upping the multiplier adn retaining the FSB near to 140.

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  6. I think you're right Mask, infact I am going to mantain my configuration for a while... may be later I will upgrade my PC!
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