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Resident evil 5 xlive initialize problem

I installed Resident Evil 5,played it once greatly.But the next time i run the game,it crashes and says"RE5DX9 error:E_Fail-X_LIVE INITIALIZE".When i uninstall the game and run it again,it only runs for once and then gives the same message.I have an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33 ghz processor,Nvidia Geforce 9800 gt 512 mb agp,2 gb ram,Samsung 19' lcd monitor.
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  1. Do you use Windows xp??? Because Resident evil 5 encaunters problems on XP, I use windows 7 x64, by the way i got Phenom II 550 Black Edition @3.7 GHz, Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P, 4GB Kinkston Hyper X DDR3 at 1600 mhz and MSI RADEON R3870X2 1 GB VRAM, it works perfectly, over 80 FPS, by the way, i hate this Xlive ***, DO ANYBODY HAVE xliveless like for GTA 4, i want to manage my save and i lost savegame becase i installed windows 7 x64, i was usinfg x86 yesterday and installed x64 and because of this crap Xlive, i can't use my old save to continue the game where i stoped????

    And, you my friedn, TRY WINDOWS 7 x64 or x86, it will work!!! ;)
  2. Firstly i'am have same error

    Now I make patch Resident Evil 5. And Success Worked.

    Support to Have Patch : e-mail : speed.fastest.solo[at]
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    Might be worth a quick trip over to Microsoft update, there was a new update for G4WL recently, see if installing that fixes the problem. When I first got the game I couldn't get it to load until I had done that.
  4. in win XP : try open the game with "Run as" and select administrator.
    in win vista or 7 :right click on "launcher.exe" and select run as administrator.

  5. no it doesn't work !!
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  7. Quote:
    Firstly i'am have same error

    Now I make patch Resident Evil 5. And Success Worked.

    Support to Have Patch : e-mail : speed.fastest.solo[at]

    Hi.. Ihave got the same problems. Re5 doesn't work either on my laptop. can you send me the patch please??

  8. try installing windows games live if u r using win 7.
  9. just rename xlive.dll with another name...
  10. If you really really can't play Resident Evil 5, take a look at my notes..

    1. I think all of you who had this problem should,delete the xlive.dll
    2. about other .dll files,add them if missing
    3. download and install Games for Windows - Live (is a microsoft program for most of the new games)
    4. run the game, the Games for Windows will pop out in a while when the game is loading
    5. you may create the offline profile(press Home button when you're at the create profile / existing profile)
    6. enter your name, then after you'd submitted, you may be able to save game, play the game

    **however, if you want to play online, you have to own the product key

    ---hopefully this will help you guys who can't play this resident evil 5
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